I Seem To Have Lost Some Tunnel Vision

Walking home on the Queensway one night.

Last night I walked farther than I have in a while. Roughly 10k. There are a lot of people who will say that’s not much, but it was to me because I’m out of shape. I ended up at a friend’s house and asked if he wanted to go roaming around Mississauga.
We essentially wandered aimlessly, talking about things that drive us and how they affect the people of our world. In the end, I was able to state how I feel about him.
Since we met, we have worked together on a lot of projects that never came to fruition; they have always ended the same way. We would drop what we were doing due to creative differences. This stems from things like clashing ideas and such.
Last night I realized that he has become a sort of weird hipster-asshole over time. He has always been against unoriginality, but it’s come to the point where he’s become so defined against it that he is now very unoriginal himself. He’s bitter, judgemental and rude about things that people would just do for fun. Any meaning is bad, the meaning is that there is no meaning, that’s what makes it meaningful. Seriously? Very asshole-ish.

If you just want to let loose, you shouldn’t overthink things to the point where they ruin the original endeavour. Life sucks when you have to worry about what people are thinking about you all of the time. I do try to give everything I do a philosophy, but I don’t try to undermine other people’s philosophies if they really matter to them.
In the end, the night was ruined and I walked 5k home feeling like shit. Next weekend, I plan to go out again and actually make something of myself with people who aren’t so un-generic that they have become generic.

Long story short: Anonymous friend- stop being such an asshole.

I’m out.

I Seem To Have Lost Some Tunnel Vision

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