Explosion of Learning, Soon

Last weekend I had a big jam session/all night music writing thing in my back shed. I had a few friends over and we probably stayed up until something like 1:30am. In addition to practicing old material, we also wrote some new stuff. I have a video of Nathan and Ray jamming it out, and I’ll update this post with it eventually.

So we returned to a couple older songs we’ve done, and I felt at home with the performances we did. When we were all playing, I knew we had something. The only problem for me is that I really can’t play any instruments. I quit piano lessons after two months when I was seven, and I still suck at playing guitar. Therefore, I am going to take it upon myself to learn piano again and try to get bass guitar down. I’m still learning production as well.

On top of these two instruments, I’m also going to try and learn Spanish.


I guess I should prepare my brain for massive ammounts of information.

Explosion of Learning, Soon

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