Let Loose The Children! [Poem]


Crammed into small spaces
and consciously smashing
human across china bells
hanging from a megaphone.

Split sticks and monitors
that scream out in protest
against the blacked out

Out to the gravestones,
All hopped up on their ruse;
they don’t complain.

Down to the willows
where we crawl like insects in honey.
Drunken and numb
to everything said
30 seconds
We petrify and fall:

Back to the fray!
A waving of flags,
A hooded figure,
A laugh of delight amidst screams
of monitors.
I am covered in fantasies of

A parting of lips,
A splash of colour,
A trip to the city,
A smash of glass!

The frigid air outside
swells in welcoming
as I rip off the hood,
A narrow escape.

A staring of eyes
Down the masonic stairs
into a frantic beating of hearts
into problems.

There are worms that crawl
out of the heat of the overhead
and into my hands.
I am a moving tangle of legs
and arms, pushing over
and smashing into
sweaty beasts.

The roar of peaks under kicks changes me
into tumbleweed compacted
between layers of bedrock,
I am a moving difference.

Clean up the glass

Congratulatory hugs

A sincerely quiet drive home

A rabbit in the seat beside me

Feeling all the love in the


Let Loose The Children! [Poem]

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