In Order [Poem]

In Order

Would you please lock the door
We’re done for the day.
Your families and photos
have all gone away.
Cut the old band
from your wrist,
Let’s sit down
and take in
All of our twists.

We’ve got rings on our
fingers in a hurry
We lost your papers in a flurry
Your treatment is pulling and pulling
You have me worried.

You’re demanding and heaving
I’m shrinking and sinking
We’re loving and hating
Fearing deflating.

We’re slightly cracked up
in your smile,
A byproduct of thirst.
They won’t let you drink
and your hair is falling out.
Curl up beside me
You’ve even lost your pout.

Now pull aside the shades;
It’s too dark in here
for you
There’s still air for us to breathe
and I’m not letting go.

When you spoke to me
Last night I knew you would
Slip away
Underneath the curtains
Moonlight in your face.

I’m crying and squeezing
Your hand is releasing
While you’re fading and feeling
A quiet wish for healing.

In Order [Poem]

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