Seastorm [Poem]

As distant ships comparing
Reflections of smoke on ghost glass
You and I learn a little more
about, one another.
You are from the coast and I am
from the city which is far from there.

The distance is meaningless in this place though.

As skating on a mirror
We see more of ourselves than
We would elsewhere.

Last rays of our sun
and we are close.

I reach out to touch you.

As a stormcloud comes and goes
I am ripped from the bridge and
Hit with cold water like a broken mirror.
Your eyes dissolve before me
and your smell is lost in the wind.

Like a cold, smooth marble carapace
We retain and are kept off our secret mirror.

From the coast

and Me
From the city.

As the cold white sun streams in,
I molt and get dressed. I know I will see you again.
Like two distant ships comparing smoke reflections on ghost glass.
As skating on a mirror,
I will be there.



NOTE: You can listen to the audio of this poem here:

Seastorm [Poem]

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