Dewcatcher [Poem]


A Flower makes the moment
when you see your true colour,
a spin on the soil it grows in.
It Sounds like a painting
and Writes like a song,
Petals reverberate
shimmering strong.
Fibres caress like a wind
glimmer golden; a vibrance
you share with your Skin.

Though after the moment
has left,
there are tellings.
They understand how you belong.
A card: Seven of Clubs
that reminds you of glamour,
but keeps your feet glued to the Earth.
A stem: holding close, staying green and still growing –
touches the Earth still anew.
An eyelash: a bristle to keep off the cobwebs,
and catch drops of Dew as they

And the moment-making Flower
sits alive atop a mountain,
embracing the earth with its roots.
And it takes in the Stories
the mountain has to offer,
felt as vibrations of Song.

Dewcatcher [Poem]

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