Blue Hands – Blue Hands

My band Blue Hands’ new album was written about here:

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: Blue Hands
title: Blue Hands
keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient, bass, experimental, grunge, hardcore, metal, noise, operatic, rock, soft, spazz, trash, weird, Montreal
reviewer: Willem van O.

Blue Hands are in most cases a sign of being cold, perhaps a bit frozen. It might also be just a layer of blue paint, but in this case ‘Blue Hands’ is a name which is been used to make music under.
It is also the name of a self-titled release which is one that is quite intriguing. Who is this ‘Blue Hands” ?  The only thing that is clear is that the following persons are responsible for its sound: Alex Metcalfe, Isabella Davis & Paul Geldart. No additional real details can be found on the bandcamp page, it is recommended to just get to know them little by little through listening to the songs on this release. It isn’t a burden to…

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Blue Hands – Blue Hands

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