8 Word Poem Excercise

In a writing class I am taking, we tried an interesting exercise where the writer can pick a total of 8 words to keep, with the question
“What 8 words are most important to you?”
Following, the writer is encouraged to write a poem with their 8 words, repetitions allowed if necessary, as well as punctuation.

I ended up with this:

“Live, vast, soft womb; cold like cracked paint.”

I personally found this to be surprisingly conducive to writing on the spot. The creative restriction of only using 8 words eliminates the ego of the writer, methinks. Naturally, a lot of results had the word love included, which I found funny. Family and love seemed to be on people’s minds throughout the class.

What are your eight words and the poem you’d write with them?
Please feel free to share other interesting restrictive exercises!



8 Word Poem Excercise

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