Blue Hands – A Special Place

My sides hurt.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: Blue Hands
title: A Special Place (video)
keywords: grimy and dark; blue hands, video
reviewer: Willem van O.

The artistic freedom of ‘Blue Hands’ the band has never been topped by any other project. Take for example their latest state of the art video clip; it’s totally going against the established stream of animation and video productions. Their music video tells it almost like it is, keeping things superbly minimal and yet with enough detail to get a conversation going. Within the send-in music video we are getting visually intrigued by an (probably) depiction of the members of Blue Hands, curiously there is no color blue involved and certainly no sign of a pair of actual Blue Hands too… This will perhaps make you scratch your head for a bit, but does well to come across as intellectually fine material that isn’t giving in to the pressure of high…

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Blue Hands – A Special Place

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