Track By Track: Epli


I’m going to talk about the processes behind each song on my record Coldform as a post series!

The first track Epli (Apple) started with me going into my parents’ yard and recording a myriad of objects with a small handheld recorder.
You can hear apples from the tree in the yard getting hit with walnut sticks, the stretched out and melodically sampled ringing of shackles found on boats, broomsticks bouncing on concrete floors and me drumming on hollow pieces of maple driftwood I gathered in Parry Sound.
I took a standard approach to sampling all of these things and programmed drum patterns with them. From there I ended up with the static beat. I took the ringing shackles, and transposing the samples down a lot, came up with a sub-heavy bass-line.
Once in Montreal for my first year of university, I had Isabella Davis over to jam, and we recorded the vocals in a night. The attached photo is from that recording session.
The song went through a number of revisions before ending up as the first track on Coldform almost two years later.

Listen to Epli:

Next up, I’ll talk about It Turns You On; the second track off the record. Stay tuned!


Track By Track: Epli

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