Waxlimbs – The New Dirt

Another off-kilter review from our favourite Kai Nobuko!

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Waxlimbs
Title: the new dirt
Keywords: experimental, ambient, electronic, electronics, glitch, noise, rock,singer songwriter, Toronto

Like a burning forest the first track has the strangest kind of beauty to it. I mean everyone with a heart and some senses should love the forest, but the view of a fire burning everything down to ashes is not an unspectacular phenomenon to stare at. Waxlimbs brings this phenomenon in a song and music form; let’s put some marshmallows on a stick and poke them into the fire.

Waxlimbs also hits a sensitive subject to the collection ‘being afraid of dying alone’. It’s funny especially with the promised upcoming apocalypse after exchange of puppet masters in the US. The song writer clearly isn’t afraid of death, probably hasn’t have a problem with it; grabbing death’s hands for a dance and inspiration; but yet it’s the dying alone part that makes a person…

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Waxlimbs – The New Dirt

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