Review – “For Science!” – Waxlimbs

Grayowl Point

reviewed by Erik Sedore

Science, and its attendant technological progress and complications, is only ever going in one direction over the long run. You can try to build yourself an island if you want, but its shores will gradually get chipped away, atomized by an ever advancing digital tide. Toronto’s Waxlimbs have created a vaguely conceptual tale of the struggle to stay whole and human in a ever more inhuman world.

Fittingly, they take the form of a hybrid between a rock band and an electronic studio project. The opening title track takes a big swing, voices calling out in its lurching, grandiose chorus. That’s followed up by “The Joy Of Floating”, which seems to me to summon up the feeling of lightness that might accompany being transformed into pure, kaleidoscopic light, and shot out across the interstellar void.

“Molecules”, built on alternating calls and croaks of mechanized birds and robot frogs, is a lonely song, about passing…

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Review – “For Science!” – Waxlimbs

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