Track By Track: It Turns You On


The next song on Coldform is It Turns You On.
This song is a bit harder to remember the process behind, but I do know that it started as a solo piano demo.
What changed it was when I ran the piano through a shitload of distortion and realized the lead melody sounded way better that way. I ended up redoing it with a distorted softsynth.
From there I programmed some pretty robotic dance beats and had the skeleton for what became the first chorus.

Once I moved to Montreal, Astrolope (pictured above, around that time) came into the equation and played the pots and pans you can hear in the intro section, as well as made the drums way better overall.
I eked out the bass line with the bass guitar that I would later learn to play, and we ended up with a pretty bare tune.
Izzy came in and did the vocals all in one day. The garbled speech heard toward the beginning is her rapping some of the nastiest shit I’ve ever heard, which was then warped to hell. We wrote the lyrics based on what we thought we heard in the mangled version. Lyrically, we wanted to write a song that was more fun than serious.

This song went through about 10 versions and two years before we were happy with it, and now you can listen to it knowing that Isabella Davis has a rapper alter-ego called Li’l Izzy.

Listen to It Turns You On:

Next up: A Death Over The Radio!

Track By Track: It Turns You On

Let Loose The Children! [Poem]


Crammed into small spaces
and consciously smashing
human across china bells
hanging from a megaphone.

Split sticks and monitors
that scream out in protest
against the blacked out

Out to the gravestones,
All hopped up on their ruse;
they don’t complain.

Down to the willows
where we crawl like insects in honey.
Drunken and numb
to everything said
30 seconds
We petrify and fall:

Back to the fray!
A waving of flags,
A hooded figure,
A laugh of delight amidst screams
of monitors.
I am covered in fantasies of

A parting of lips,
A splash of colour,
A trip to the city,
A smash of glass!

The frigid air outside
swells in welcoming
as I rip off the hood,
A narrow escape.

A staring of eyes
Down the masonic stairs
into a frantic beating of hearts
into problems.

There are worms that crawl
out of the heat of the overhead
and into my hands.
I am a moving tangle of legs
and arms, pushing over
and smashing into
sweaty beasts.

The roar of peaks under kicks changes me
into tumbleweed compacted
between layers of bedrock,
I am a moving difference.

Clean up the glass

Congratulatory hugs

A sincerely quiet drive home

A rabbit in the seat beside me

Feeling all the love in the


Let Loose The Children! [Poem]